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Trizonna, a native of Chicago discovered her talent and love of music as a little girl, while observing her father, a former musician, who deeply appreciated every genre of music. She grew up listening to various artists, from Gino Vanelli to Stevie Wonder.

Trizonna was completely mesmerized by Diana Ross, who in her eyes was the epitome of class and style. This infatuation led her to explore her own innate qualities and creative flair.

At age 11, while seeking her artistic niche Trizonna dabbled in acting. She debuted in A Wrinkle in Time, a play presented by Jack & Jill, which was a well-known drama group in Chicago. Following this performance she landed the star role in ShowTime's film short Lisa For President . Although entertained by acting Trizonna always maintained her love for music.

As a teen Trizonna moved with her mother to Oakland, CA, where she joined the Castleers of Castlemont, a high school choir that toured throughout California and the Midwest. She also performed in a variety of talent shows and appeared on Soul Beat, a local cable network.

Only spending 3 years in Oakland, Trizonna returned home to Chicago. After years of doubting herself and her musical abilities Trizonna accepted a life of mediocrity. Later she found herself working with a Chicago- based entertainment company, sharing her ideas on style, imaging and promotions of aspiring artists. After singing at a friend's wedding Trizonna's faith in herself and her musical ability were renewed. She instantly realized that this was a gift to be shared.

Trizonna became intensely focused on her singing career and began writing. She developed a smooth and diverse style, which derived from her early influences. After referrals from friends Trizonna began doing studio background vocals for various local artists including platinum recording artist Maxamillion. She also showcased her talent by performing for various private and public engagements. Trizonna, a vocalist and songwriter whose musical flair and individuality is a refreshing asset to today's contrived sound.

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