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Overtones & Innuendos
Interview (4TSR Radio)
Bonus TRack - REASONS
1. Weather Report (4TSR Radio)
2. Heavy Precipitation
3. Flowers Bloom In Spring
6. Extra Special
    f/Olskool Ice-Gre of Abstract Mindstate
7. Dude Strong Women (Interlude)
8. Hey Mr. Right f/DreCagney
9. Giddy f/Malik Yusef
10. Gravy
      f/EP the White Lotis of Abstract Mindstate
11. Night of My Life
12. Remedy
13. Joyous
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:Greg "Olskool Ice-Gre" Lewis
Co Executive Producers: LaTina"LC Diva"Cunningham & Armers "Jus Q" Moncure
Associate Producer: Trizonna McClendon

h © 2006 4TheSoul-Rciprocity Inc. All rights reserved.
Printed in the USA Unauthorized duplication a violation of applicable laws.

Trizonna McClendon
1. Flowers Bloom in Spring
2. Stuck On Love
3. Remedy pt. 2
4. Extra Special feat SB
5. Sunshine & Lemonade
6. Bonus Track

Experience Trizonna
1. Intro
2. Night of My Life
3. Remedy
4. Chances (interlude)
5. What About You
6. My Love

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